Success Leap Home Tuition is a full service home tuition company. Our ultimate goal is to assist students to achieve academic excellence by matching them with the right professional tutors that suit their educational needs.

Our humble beginning started in 2013 at Ad’deen EduCentre in Putra Heights Subang Jaya as a One-Stop Education Centre that provides small-group tuition classes, after school day-care service and Quranic learning centre to serve Putra Heights and other communities nearby. We then extend our small-group tuition & Quranic learning classes by introducing Home Tuition and Home Quran Program with the emphasis of 1-to-1 personal tutoring approach to cater the needs of our clients who wish to have their children to be in a learning environment that is conducive and with adequate attention based on their learning pace.

We facilitate our tutors with necessary training modules that covers what is needed to help students to achieve their education goals. We believe every child has the capacity for great things. That given the right direction and with the right approach, they have the capability to achieve. The one-to-one environment of Home Tuition means their capabilities can be nourished, developed and grown outside of the noise of the classroom and their full potential can be realized. This also means each student is nurtured with adequate attention based on their learning pace in maximizing their potential to thrive.

As a company that is registered under Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), Success Leap Home Tuition is committed to provide our clients with the best possible service and to ensure that Home Tuition service is tailored to meet our students’ individual needs.

At the moment, our service focuses in Selangor, Wilayah Persekutuan (Kuala Lumpur) & Putrajaya only.


Understanding the hectic schedules that most parents faced, Ad’deen EduCentre is here to assist all parents when it comes to managing their children’s after school daily activities effectively. As a ONE STOP EDUCATION CENTRE, we provide small-group tuition classes, after school day-care service and Quranic learning centre to serve Putra Heights and other communities nearby.

Now you do not have to be worried about :

  • Transitting your children at one place while arranging for their tuition classes else where
  • Transport issues
  • Late night tuitions for the kids
  • Missed Quranic lessons

Because your children are able to fullfill these activities in a condusive environment here.



  • Lunch & Tea break
  • Time table schedule to fit Quranic lessons & tuition
  • Jemaah prayers
  • Limited to 12 students only!

small group tuition

AGE : STD 1-6, FORM 1-5

  • Personalized Tuition (1-to-1) or
  • Small group with maximum of 5 students per group

pengajian al-quran


  • Iqra’/ Quranic lessons
  • Tajwid lessons
  • Memorizing surah (Juzuk 30 & 10 Surah Pilihan
  • Solat Practise